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A journey through Peace Corps: Cambodia

The Weight Conundrum

About two weeks ago, we had our mid-service training. With this training included a mid-service physical, and in this physical included a step on the ole friendly scale.

Now, I have been really good during service, much better than in the States. Even when it’s so hot I’ve considered bathing in the murky green feces-filled pond to cool down, I’ve somehow worked up the willpower to go on runs, bike rides, and hikes on my allotted once-every-other-day workout regime. At mealtimes, I try my best to sneak a good portion of the rice my ma serves me back into the rice pot so I wouldn’t have to eat a heaping bowlful of empty carbs twice a day. Snacks I do enjoy, but they are in extreme moderation and tightly controlled portions.

So during the physical, I confidently stepped on the scale, thinking my result would be like all the other 50 or so K4 volunteers, having lost weight of some sort. Joanne, the ever helpful Peace Corps Medical Officer, records my weight and asks if I want to know what my pre-service weight was. I grin broadly and say yes, thinking I’d definitely be in the red on this one.

The good news: I’ve gained 0 pounds during service so far.
The bad news: I’ve lost 0 pounds during service so far.

What. The. Fuck?! You can’t be serious, right?! What happened to the “third-world effect”? Who joins the Peace Corps and works their ass off just to stay exactly the same as in the States? More importantly, why has EVERY SINGLE VOLUNTEER lost weight but me?!

It’s the carbs, they say, the carbs. Men lose weight if they eat too many carbs and not enough protein, and women gain weight if that happens. Fuck that. If that’s the case, why aren’t there more fat Cambodian females? If that’s the case, why are other female PCVs LOSING WEIGHT?!

Commence new endeavor: Project Un-Fat. Details highly classified (and Peace Corps probably doesn’t want me blogging about my slightly less-than-drastic measures).  Here we go.


June 6, 2011 - Posted by | Girl Stuff, Real PCV Life

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  1. Loved this post! Carbs are my enemy # 1 so I can relate. My son is a PCV in Senegal so I often browse the blogs. Best of luck to you and GO BEARS! (Cal band parents of Tristan Harward- class of 2006!)

    Comment by Liz Harward | June 7, 2011 | Reply

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